Automated coaching with Dirac
What is automated sales coaching

DIRAC identifies coaching points by using AI to coach sales reps on essential conversation skills required to clinch those deals. With Dirac focusing on sales tracking and recommendations, a coaching culture can scale to the reps desired level of feedback without overwhelming the manager's schedule.

Coaching recommendations from Dirac is an easy, structured process that delivers relevant data points and suggested behaviour changes.

Where can I see my Dirac's coaching feedback
Each call recording in DIRAC has a set of metrics that measure the conversation skills of sales reps. Sales reps also get easy visibility on how they perform on their recent calls via an overview trend found under the Conversation metric tab on the left navigation bar of your call recording.
How to apply Coaching metrics
Auto-coaching recommendations provide a snapshot of how you perform against common practices:

  • Next Steps: You understand the importance of setting the next steps. Did you define the next step before the end of each call with prospects?

  • The Longest Monologue: Do you leave your prospect hanging cold? How long do you spend talking without stopping to engage?

  • Filler words: Are you being concise with your word choice, or finding yourself reverting to informal filler words? Are you confident when it comes to presenting your company and service/product?

  • Engaging Questions: Did you get to understand what your prospect wanted? How many open-ended questions did you ask during a call?

  • Talk time: What % of the time did you talk versus the client? The ideal scenario leading to a higher close rate is when a sales rep speaks less than 40% of the time.

Use the Recording-level view as a quick look into a conversation. Coloured labels clearly show you how you are doing based on DIRAC's identified benchmarks and guide you on the best practices.
In order to benchmark your skills in an aggregated format, visit our Dirac Analytics page (in Alpha testing) on to see how you are performing over time compared to other sales reps (see below an example of talk time comparison).

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