Recording your sales conversations: Do's and Why's
Importance of sales calls recording

The sales call is the first opportunity to engage with a potential customer. They are at the front door of your business, and it is there where you need to start the conversation.

If you are beginning to record sales calls you should do so with the thought that you are preserving the opportunity to start this conversation. Record the call to save it for coaching or for other reference. Use the right message for each conversation

Every sale call is unique. There are many variables that will influence what you can say to entice the prospect or customer. Your skill level and expertise will determine the message and set the tone. A large part of being a good salesperson or sales leader is to train and coach your team to create an authentic personal brand.

A good brand is based on personal transcripts that speak the words of one person to another. When your words have a personal and genuine tone, the prospect will be more likely to listen and engage with you.

Why recording ?

The most prevalent benefit of recording calls is to provide a reproducible and authoritative source for future reference and review.

This benefit is especially applicable to complex sales interactions, such as conversations with multi-party clients, or complex sales processes, such as the sales cycle for complex or high-tech systems, software applications, and corporate services and IT services.

Recording sales conversations allows the sales team to collect objective and credible information on concerns or questions that arise in the sales cycle, with a high level of confidence that the information is accurate and unbiased.

Alternatively, recording sales conversations provides a rich and transparent record in the sales interaction.

Another benefit is to record the audio from the conversation to have oneself an authentically recorded version of the conversation for use in training.

It is much more effective than audio-only and product demo records, which can lead to unreliable and unrealistic findings.

How to record your sales call with Dirac

To record a Google Meet call with Dirac, follow the following steps:

1. Log in to Dirac's app and provide Dirac with access to your Google calendar.

2. Start a Google Meet or other conference call meeting.

3. Invite [email protected] to join a meeting. Make sure you are using your work Google account (not

4. Dirac records, transcribes and surfaces meeting summary in your Dirac's dashboard.

Simple and Easy.

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